Academic partners

European Forum for Research and Education in Allergy and Airway diseases


EUFOREA is an international non-profit organization forming an alliance of all stakeholders from national and international organizations, institutions, and agencies working towards the common vision of preventing and improving the burden of chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, chronic rhinosinusitis, rhinitis). EUFOREA develops internationally wide validated and evidence-based educational materials for patients, specialists, general practitioners and pharmacists, that are distributed by Galenus Health.

Validation and review of the educational content

Chronic sinusitis

Dr. Peter Hellings and Dr. Claus Bachert (BE), Dr. Wytske Fokkens (NL),  Dr. Peter-Valentin Tomazic (PT)

Allergic rhinitis

Dr. Peter Hellings (BE), Dr. Laura Van Gerven (BE)


Dr. Zuzana Diamant (NL), Dr. Dermot Ryan (UK), Dr. Helena Pite (PT)

Country-specific translations

BE-nl: Dr. Valérie Hox, Dr. Marjolein Cornet and Dr. Christine Segboer. BE-fr: Dr. Philippe Rombaux and Dr. Antoine Froidure. UK: Dr. Simon Gane and Dr. Pavol Surda. DK: Dr. Anette Kjeldsen, Dr. Kenneth Larsen, Dr. Bibi Lange and Dr. Elisabeth Arndal. DE: Dr. Martin Wagenmann. NO: Dr. Andreas Steinsvik. SE: Dr. Pernilla Sahlstrand-Johnson, Dr. Lars-Olaf Cardell and Dr. Leif Bjermer. FI: Dr. Sanna Topilla-Salmi and Dr. Paula Virkkula.